What is primary water?

Most people have heard of secondary water; the water that comes in the form of rain and snow pack, but few have a real understanding of what primary water is. In this video Deborah Tavarez speaks with a representative of PrimaryWater.org to explain in depth what exactly is primary water.


Oil pulling for oral health.

The latest trend in oral health is oil pulling. People claim to be able to get rid of cavities using coconut oil and swishing it in their mouth for 15-20 minutes every morning. Some people claim that they have thrown out their toothbrush entirely and no longer brush their teeth. In this article, the author tests oil pulling and gives you the honest results. http://www.realfarmacy.com/healing-cavities-a-true-weve-done-it-story/

Heal injuries faster and more effectively with herbal ice.

Most people have heard of using ice for healing and rehabilitating injuries. Studies have shown that ice may not be as effective as once thought at healing injuries, and could possibly hamper the healing process. The new movement for rehabilitation of injuries is the use of herbs. Herbs promote faster healing by increasing blood flow, and reducing inflammation. Find out more in this article.

San Huang San (“Herbal Ice”) vs. Ice: Why Ice is Not So Nice for Sports Related Injury

Natural remedies have been replaced by pharmaceuticals in today’s society

Natural remedies once ruled the world. Big pharma has changed all of that. Seeking higher and higher profits, the medical industry has become less about healing, and more about profiting from sickness. http://www.realfarmacy.com/1930s-pharma/