“The Secret Life of Fat,” author discusses what fat really does for the human body.

Did you know that fat is actually considered to be a complex and sophisticated organ of the human body? Without fat, humans cannot assimilate all of the necessary vitamins that are critical for life. But, how much fat is too much or too little? Find out in this podcast from Bulletproof.


Virus found to cause obesity.

Virus 8036 has been discovered to cause obesity in humans. Often accompanied with symptoms of the common cold, the virus can trigger fat cells to multiply. Read more:



The secret to health with Dr. Edward Group.

For over 20 years, Dr. Group has been studying holistic health and developing 100% organic, natural remedies to many of today’s illnesses and imbalances. He owns and operates the only organic apothecary in the United States. In this video, he details how to live a healthy holistic lifestyle.

Not all hygiene products are good for your health.

Some hygiene products contain dangerous chemicals that can cause serious illness, and have even been linked to hormonal disorders such as as breast growth in men. Read this article to find out which products are detrimental to your health. http://www.realfarmacy.com/men-breasts-cancers/