Is your microwave making you sick?

Do you use a microwave to heat your food? Learn how it might be causing a disease.


Organic strawberries aren’t really organic.

Are you eating organic strawberries and being fooled? Read this article and see.

Science finds connection between people and energy.

Metaphysics has long known of the concepts that modern day science is discovering. For the people that need science to prove that feeling another persons energy is real, here is your scientific proof.

Science Finally Confirms That People Absorb Energy From Others

KRS ONE speaks on the power of the mind creating reality.

Brilliant talk by legendary hip hop artist KRS ONE on how our reality is literally created by our thoughts. You control your future through the very thoughts that you think. Ask yourself, are your thoughts helping to create the reality you want or are they creating a reality that you do not want? The power is in your mind.

Interview with Brian Griffith from Northcoast Essential Oils.

Medicinal grade essential oils are very effective at treating and curing a wide variety of ailments. Listen to this interview with Brian Griffiths from Northcoast Essential Oils located in Arcata, California, to hear about Wisdom of the Earth essential oils.

Cannabis, the miracle cure.

Dr. Sanjay Gupta reveals the miracle cure that is healing people from such things as seizures and cancer. A must watch for anyone that is seeking alternative healing therapies. Open your mind and throw out any preconceived notions you have been taught. Its time to study this medicine for the true healing properties that it holds.